Some suggestions for the development of small industries

Some Suggestions for the
development of small industries

1.Improving the production system. In order to
enable the cottage and small industries to be able to compete the large industries and provide the consumers with better quality of goods, it is desirable that they should improve their techniques and process of production. For reducing production costs and improving the quality, modern techniques must be used.

(2) Development of small industries co-opera-
tives. The organisation of the cottage and small industries should be made on the basis of co-operation. By so doing.they shall feel facilitated in raising the capital, marketing of the produced goods and obtaining raw materials, tools and implements, etc. on cheaper prices.

(3) Setting up of advisory committees. Such ex-
pert consultation committees should be set up which could extend their appropriate advice with regard to the establishment of small industries, for their development and purchase of machinery, etc.

(4) Co-ordination between small and large industries. Such a system should be devised that the small and large industries couldn’t mutually compete between themselves, but rather support and supplement the development of each other. Hence, some fields of production must be reserved for the large industries and the others for the small industries be left specifically reserved.

(5) Quality control. Along with the standardisation of their goods, the small and cottage industries must also take care of the quality control of their products.

(6) Expansion of research programmes. The programmes of research should be duly expanded and developed with regard to the reduction of costs, increasing of productive capacity and bringing the quality improvement,

(7) Expansion of small industries exhibits. The
exhibitions and fairs for the display and publicity of the goods produced under the small industries must be planned to a great extent so that the consumers could very well understand the utility of the goods manufactured by these small industries. Such fairs should not remain confined only upto the cities but must also be organised in villages.

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